Past Events

  •     Wednesday March 15th / Mary Irwin Theatre / 7– 9pm / Tickets $25 Tickets Fresh Dialogues is a series of grass-roots conversations intended to inform, inspire, and innovate solutions to critical community issues. Each event tackles a single issue through an evening keynote and/or a multi-sector workshop. FOF’s next Fresh Dialogues event features […]

  • More than 70 people from Kelowna to Vernon attended our first Fresh Dialogues event. WAKING THE FROG: Solutions to Our Climate Change Paralysis attracted people all sector and age groups, creating meaningful and productive event dialogue. A big thanks to  our guest speaker, Tom Rand, panelists, sponsors,  and our partner Lake Country’s Creekside Theatre. Watch for news about our […]

  • Our Breakfast of Champions on October 13th was a huge success. FOF is already planning for more BoC events in 2017. Our earliest BoC event will be hosted  February 7th with a multi-sector collaboration theme. Thanks to PDJ & Associates and UBCO for partnering with us.             HOSTS/FACILITATORS:       […]

  • In keeping with its passion for “inspiring community conversations for sustainable change,” the Fresh Outlook Foundation (FOF) hosted its first CommUnity Innovation Lab (CIL) in Kamloops, BC February 3rd to 5th at Thompson Rivers University. CIL 2015 was a community-inspired conversation that helped participants from Kamloops and beyond explore and then drive positive change in […]

  • ECO-BLAST truly was a blast! Both Kelowna and Kamloops’ camps were full, with about 60 kids each. The Artist Response Team was amazing and the art instructors were awesome. The food was great and the weather cooperated in both locations! Check out the full Kelowna concert and the individual songs on YouTube. Enjoy I Am The Future, Up Your Watershed, Urban Mining, Saltwater, My […]

  • Building SustainABLE Communities is a highly acclaimed and hugely popular conference that draws delegates from all sectors to celebrate the move toward social, cultural, environmental, and economic well-being. Information-sharing among sponsors, speakers, delegates, and trade show participants is interspersed with social and cultural activities to ensure meaningful and memorable outcomes. Our 2013 event showcases training […]

  • The focus of the October 2013 gathering is ‘creativity.’ We’’ll hear from subject experts as well as from women who are using creative solutions to sustainability challenges in the public, private, nonprofit, and academic sectors. Participants will also be encouraged to identify potential applications for creativity in their personal and professional lives. Women 4 SustainAbility […]

  • There’s no doubt how significantly documentaries can influence motivated audiences. In fact, few other mediums are powerful enough to reveal unique perspective. capture imagination and trigger change. To celebrate the substantial important of this art form, and to educate the motivated the people who enjoy it, FOF’s Reel Change SustainAbility Film Fest presents critically acclaimed […]

  • AUGUST 13th -17th

    Can you imagine 100+ kids singing ‘I am the Future’? Or dancing to ‘Up Your Watershed’? Or creating eco-art masterpieces? Or picking vegetables to make soup and salad for each other? That’’s the power of the ECO-BLAST Kids’’ Camp & Concert, co-hosted by the Fresh Outlook Foundation and the Okanagan Boys & Girls Clubs. This […]

  • Women 4 SustainAbility gathers women of all ages three to four times a year to discuss community sustainability issues from the female perspective. The ‘4’ signifies that women from the four sectors (government, business, NGOs, and academia) engage in meaningful and productive dialogue around the four primary pillars of sustainability (social, cultural, environmental, and economic […]