FOF is thrilled to be hosting its 7th Building SustainABLE Communities conference in Kelowna, Nov 21-24 at the Delta Grand Hotel & Conference Centre. This highly acclaimed and hugely popular events gathers people from all parts and beyond to explore emerging trends in sustainability at the individual, organizational, and community scales.

The overarching theme for this year’s event is Innovation Through Collaboration, with sub-themes being climate action, water stewardship, food security, and community capital/assets. Other topics we’ll tackle include active transportation, community health, comprehensive wealth, pollution solutions, sustainable development, leadership and governance, and local prosperity.

Join speakers, panelists, sponsors, and other delegates during engaging workshops, game-changing plenary presentations, professionally facilitated breakouts, and abundant networking functions. Experience the SustainAbility Village, where you’ll meet experts, activists, and exhibitors, while seeing sustainability through the eyes of children, youth, artists, musicians, and poets!




“BSC was a refreshingly different event with an emphasis on getting things done.”

“I have never had such a fulfilling use of my time at a conference! It had opportunities for lively discussion, intelligent debate and interactive problem-solving built right into the schedule. This essential communication has been missing at almost every professional event I have ever attended. I am not only grateful for the intentional communication, but it also enhanced my learning and ability to process all the information that was being offered.”    

“BSC was a unique and moving experience in so many ways. As a student, I rarely get to be inspired by internationally acclaimed speakers, to rub shoulders with such an     influential group of people, and to learn a method for moving from vision to action…  and all that in three days!”

“The Fresh Outlook Foundation is one of the most thoughtful convenors in the sustainability conversation. They know that listening is only one of the pathways to learning, and they choose topics that are at the leading edge of what we need to discuss. It’s a rich landscape for change.”