Our Breakfast of Champions on October 13th was a huge success. FOF is already planning for more BoC events in 2017. Our earliest BoC event will be hosted  February 7th with a multi-sector collaboration theme. Thanks to PDJ & Associates and UBCO for partnering with us.









Hosted by the Fresh Outlook Foundation (FOF), a Breakfast of Champions (BoC) gathers business people to celebrate their social, cultural, environmental, and/or economic successes. Each event has a specific theme and is hosted by a related business. An event focused on energy efficiency, for example, was held at a car dealership that had reduced energy use by replacing its lot lights with LED alternatives.

BoC typically draws between 50 and 75 people, and features either a sit-down or stand-up breakfast, depending on the venue. The event has been highly successful at educating event goers about the topic at hand and showcasing local sustainability success stories.


October 13th, 2016/ Spider Agile Technology / 2821 Fenwick Road, Kelowna BC/14753496_1276379609052623_5032794680239392169_o

BREAKFAST: 7am-8:45am / $30 /

WORKSHOP: 9am-noon / $129 /

Both / $149 /

FOF is partnering with PDJ & Associates/Okanagan Peer Mentoring Groups and SustainAbility Support Services Inc. to deliver the next BoC entitled INNOVATION IN MANUFACTURING: Do or Die! Generously hosted by Kelowna’s Spider Agile Technologythis event is intended for manufacturers and related businesses, business consultants and leaders, and post-secondary teachers and students. It will celebrate successes in the Okanagan Valley’s manufacturing sector, especially those related to innovation, values-based leadership, and collaboration.

The October 2016 breakfast and workshop are designed and hosted by FOF in partnership with PDJ & Associates and SustainAbility Support Services Inc., who are highly acclaimed within the public, private, and manufacturing sectors for their expertise related to innovation, values-based leadership, and collaboration.



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Who will be there?

At Breakfast of Champions expect individuals from all sectors (ie. government, business, academia, and non-profit). Inorder for discussions to be meaningful and productive we need as much diverse perspectives as possible.

At INNOVATION IN MANUFACTURING: Do or Die! we were able to round up the general public, local manufacturers, business’, non-profits, and other collaborative enthusiasts.

Specials thanks to:

  • Spider Agile Technology and DIRTT
  • Peter Jeffrey (PDJ & Associates and Okanagan Peer Mentoring Group)14753343_1276380069052577_5187175883927517916_o
  • Sponsors
  • Panelists
  • Promotional Partners
  • Joanne de Vries, Jillian McQuiggin, & Ryan Cope (Fresh Outlook Foundation)
  • Melissa McCluskey (Fresh Outlook Foundation Volunteer)


The Breakfast of Champions drew more than 60 speakers, facilitators, panelists, sponsors and delegates from throughout the Okanagan. They represented the public, private, and nonprofit sectors, and included a strong manufacturing contingent. Results showed that respondents particularly liked the networking opportunities, the variety of interesting and relevant topics, and the calibre and diversity of speakers, sponsors, and attendees. More importantly,

  • 55% of respondents said their commitment to personal innovation has increased because of their BoC experience
  • 78% said their commitment to organizational innovation has increased
  • 65% said their commitment
  • to industry innovation has increased.

One respondant said the breakfast “was a great opportunity to meet others and listen to local success stories.

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