The focus of the October 2013 gathering is ‘creativity.’ We’’ll hear from subject experts as well as from women who are using creative solutions to sustainability challenges in the public, private, nonprofit, and academic sectors. Participants will also be encouraged to identify potential applications for creativity in their personal and professional lives.

Women 4 SustainAbility gathers women of all ages three to four times a year to discuss community sustainability issues from the female perspective. The ’4′ signifies that women from the four sectors (government, business, NGOs, and academia) engage in meaningful and productive dialogue around the four primary pillars of sustainability (social, cultural, environmental, and economic well-being).


And, of course, we’ll serve locally grown and/or organic appetizers and beverages.

The registration fee is $20; you’re responsible for buying your own wine.

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  • “Even the word networking makes me squirm! The horror of events with no structure or plan. Not with Fresh Outlook Foundation events – I actually look forward to these! Joanne really gets the pace going and packs the event with interest & activity until you don’t even realize you are at a networking event yet you always meet amazing people doing wonderful things in all sectors of the community.”
  • “The opportunity to be with like minded woman who are passionate about change for the future of our children and the worlds food economy, is enlightening. It takes passionate people to change the world!”
  • “What a treat to spend time and share ideas with so many like-minded women, all with a passion for food and sustainability, while eating amazing food (local/organic, healthy, delicious, and artfully presented…with zero waste!!!)…all in a fabulous venue! Thanks, Joanne and Janelle!”
  • “If you are interested in ‘sustainability’ considerations or issues in our community, your life, work or leisure… and, you want to learn more and stimulate positive change by connecting with inspired and proactive women – this is the group to check out.”
  • This event was very eye opening and insightful. I was in the awesome company of a few of the speakers. I will definitely attend again.
  • I really enjoyed meeting such a diverse group of women that have so much knowledge and experience involving different aspects of sustainability willing to share with others.