More than 100 people joined FOF, Alexandre Trudeau, and local historians March 15th to celebrate Canadian history with robust conversations about ‘An Alternative View of the Past for a New View of the Future.’ Trudeau kicked off with an insightful and articulate story of Canada starting 50 million years before confederation in 1867. He ended his presentation with a call for Canada’s men and women to boldly build a future where social and environmental justice pave the way for widespread prosperity.

From left: Ken Mather, Alexandre Trudeau, Sharron Simpson, Duane Thomson, Wayne Wilson.

Local historians Dr. Duane Thomson, Sharron Simpson, Wayne Wilson, and Ken Mather then shared what they’ve learned from local history, and how those lessons can best be applied to help build sustainable communities. A Q&A facilitated by FOF founder and CEO Joanne de Vries followed.