Join the Fresh Outlook Foundation March 15th as it hosts another Fresh Dialogues event with author, journalist, and documentary filmmaker Alexandre Trudeau (yes, Justin’s brother).

He’ll explore Canadian history, while offering an alternative perspective on the important link between past events and future successes. From pre-Columbian times through the early explorers, and into the complicated nation-building of the 19th and 20th centuries, Trudeau will spin a tale of a different Canada than the one held up now in our comfortable times. He argues that to meet the challenges of the new age, we must make peace with our true past, no matter how raw and difficult it is, and draw strength from it.

Trudeau’s keynote will be followed by a panel discussion including him along with local history experts Duane Thomson, Wayne Wilson, Sharron Simpson, and Ken Mather.


Taking what was learned during the keynote session and panel discussion, FOF will then organize a workshop with local experts to discuss historical aspects of water management, food security, and community development, and how we can apply what we’ve learned to make more informed decisions moving forward. Event outcomes will be used to develop a presentation for FOF’s Building SustainABLE Communities conference November 21-24, 2017 in Kelowna at the Delta Grand Hotel.