A business-like approach to charitable giving

Our communities face urgent challenges. Children are hungry and homeless. Heritage buildings are demolished to make way for development. Singleuse plastics wash up on our beaches. And long-term decisions about human and natural resources are trumped by the potential for short-term economic growth. We need your help now to solve these and other important community sustainability challenges.
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House of Rose | Shares Grapes with Benefits

rose logo with rainbow (2)Sustainability is very important to us. Since purchasing House of Rose Winery in 2009 we’ve made big changes, including taking the vineyard fully organic. We also buy eco-bottles to reduce glass and shipping weight and use cork closures, as cork is a renewable resource. To reduce our energy footprint, we recently installed an air source heat pump and solar hot-water heater in our winery building. Taking part in FOF’s Donation Sensation (link to attached) program is a logical step to help us contribute to education and change in our world. We proudly donate $3 for every case of Wine With Benefits sold. It’s a win-win: raising our environmental profile in the community while providing ongoing funding to FOF to continue its important work.