ACTIVE TRANSPORTATION BREAKOUT: Improved Circulation – Getting to the Heart of Community Mobility & Health in the Netherlands

November 23, 2017
10:00 am  -  10:15 am

(Lessons from a year studying how the Dutch do “it” – Building Sustainable Communities – the Dutch New Towns)

For 16 years, including a year living in the EU during his 2014 sabbatical, Gord has studied what makes the Netherlands tick, and what we can apply in Canada to help us create more sustainable communities. Each June, Gord takes 20 UBC students and professionals to study the planning and design of Dutch communities in one of the world’s wealthiest, healthiest, and most sustainability-oriented countries. Learning by doing – by living and experiencing –  is paramount to overcoming mental barriers and imparting a vision of what is possible, when a community comes together and takes ownership of its future.

Session Category :  Plenary Sessions