CLIMATE CHANGE & COMMUNITY HEALTH BREAKOUT: Exploring the Local Government Perspective on Climate Change

November 23, 2017
11:10 am  -  11:20 am

The extreme weather events of 2017 affected Okanagan residents, businesses, agencies, and local governments. On May 4th, a cool spring quickly changed to rapidly rising storm waters and flooding, which continued until late June with record setting precipitation and runoff issues. Before floodwaters receded, fire season started with a vengeance.

Many Okanagan residents were thrust from one extreme to the other without a break. As local governments, we responded by activating and staffing Emergency Operations and Evacuation Centres. Some were operational until Sept 15th. How do these prolonged events translate to overall human health, physically and psychologically?

Facilitators: Jill Worboys, Jennifer Jacobsen


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