COLLABORATIVE CHANGE BREAKOUT: Marketing Collaboration For the Westside Wine Trail

November 23, 2017
4:00 pm  -  4:10 pm

Over the last six years, West Kelowna’s wine industry has grown substantially, from eight wineries to 13 (and a number in the planning stages), to become one of the Central Okanagan’s most sought after destinations for wine! Much of the success of West Kelowna’s wine industry growth and desirability, can be attributed to the City’s efforts to help its wineries collaborate on a number of marketing and promotional efforts, especially the creation of the Westside Wine Trail Association.

Learn more about the formation of this group, its successes, its challenges, and the opportunities that lie ahead for the Wine Trail. Also learn how you can use this approach to support community growth by using clusters of complementary businesses.

Session Category :  Breakout Sessions