COMMUNITY CAPITAL / INFRASTRUCTURE FORUM 2: Exploring the Community Lifecycle Infrastructure Costing Tool

November 22, 2017
3:20 pm  -  3:35 pm

Based on local government experience using the Community Lifecycle Infrastructure Costing (CLIC) Tool, this presentation will identify how understanding the infrastructure costs of different development scenarios, helps communities understand the full cost of infrastructure overtime (i.e. initial investment, maintenance, replacement costs). Additionally, this knowledge can positively affect their approach to asset management, land-use planning and infrastructure decisions, help reduce lifecycle costs, and contribute to sustainable service delivery.

This presentation will provide an overview of the award winning CLIC Tool, and demonstrate how it can support financial efficiency by integrating land-use planning, infrastructure, and financial decisions. Participants will learn how to access and use the CLIC Tool, what is required to get started, and details on an upcoming pilot program.

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