ECOLOGICAL IMPERATIVES BREAKOUT: Exploring Environmental Impact Assessment in Today’s World

November 23, 2017
3:30 pm  -  3:40 pm

With unprecedented population growth, a growing social awareness, and global warming, predicting environmental impacts of development projects needs to take more into consideration than the impact assessments of 40 years ago. Are we doing a good job of environmental impact assessments (EIA)? Are these assessments being written such that those affected can read and understand? What needs to change in order to complete assessments that are thorough yet meaningful?

The presenter will explore the changes and current trends in EIA, and what is needed to conduct a meaningful EIA with today’s social conscience and heightened environmental awareness. While many EIAs consider project impacts on the environment, many do not consider impacts of the environment on the project. This is a very important point to balance.

If we consider potential impacts of the environment on our projects, then we may understand that reducing impacts are possible by considering intrinsic values of natural systems in resilience to environmental change. The talk is kept at a local level, at a community level, in context of whether we are assessing our impacts of building communities sustainably.

Session Category :  Breakout Sessions