ECOLOGICAL IMPERATIVES BREAKOUT: Using Inclusive Outdoor Education to Shape Happy & Healthy Stewards For the Future

November 23, 2017
4:05 pm  -  4:15 pm

The benefits of outdoor education are well documented and increasingly in demand in our community. Yet there are still challenges to overcome to accommodate the children who would thrive in the nature classroom setting. At the same time, more support is needed for local food production. As it turns out, reconnecting these two worlds results in mutual support.

The Clubhouse Farm is an example of overcoming education-as-usual. This nature playspace and outdoor classroom hosts preschool and school age groups for free play, observing, learning, and relaxing. The program provides incidental learning experiences while supporting local food production and biodiversity.

Through nature-based play and activities, and the corresponding incidental learning that occurs stealthily disguised as fun, this model helps to develop future generations of conscious, enabled citizens with the propensity to make life choices that positively affect their health and well-being.

Session Category :  Breakout Sessions