FOOD SYSTEMS/SECURITY: Exploring the Link Between Indigenous Food Security & Ecosystem Services

November 22, 2017
11:05 am  -  11:15 am

For the Líl̓wat Nation of BC, food security encompasses the ability to access both ‘market’ foods and Indigenous foods from Líl̓wat (the land). Líl̓wat cultural protocols used to cultivate and protect wild foods, may safeguard natural systems and ecosystem services for global benefit. Conversely, ecosystem services initiatives that are negotiated solely between legal owners of Líl̓wat traditional territory and outside buyers, may negatively impact these protocols.

Our collaborative work, led by Líl̓wat Nation elders and experts, is investigating the relationships between Indigenous foods and ecosystem services, and how ecosystem services approaches can support or constrain Líl̓wat ways of being and knowing.

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