FOOD SYSTEMS/SECURITY FORUM 2: Planning for Agriculture – Ensuring the ALR Remains Farmable Through Supportive Local Government Planning & Policies

November 22, 2017
3:00 pm  -  3:10 pm

The BC Ministry of Agriculture’s Strengthening Farming Program, provides policy and technical support for local governments and their farming communities, as they continue to move towards a viable agricultural future. Many communities throughout B.C. are facing a limited agricultural land base and a growing urban population; the two of which often experience increasingly direct and substantial contact.

Local government bylaws and policies can help shape how communities can both evolve, while allowing viable and innovative agriculture to thrive. This presentation will provide a summary of current tools available to local governments to assist in supporting agriculture in their communities, while minimizing potential farm practice complaints and agricultural/non-agricultural land-use conflicts.


BC Ministry of Agriculture

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