SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT BREAKOUT: Lighter Footprint Cities – The Needed Leadership, Innovation, & Collaboration

November 23, 2017
2:15 pm  -  2:30 pm

Cities are at the front line of sustainability. From innovative partnerships to city regulations and new business models, we’ll explore ways we can be supported in our daily lives to repair our things, commute differently, share more, use less toxic stuff, grow more food, and reimagine the way we live to be more fun and lighter on the planet.

We’ll turn our lens to Vancouver, where neighbours are working together for better communities and footprint reductions in the Green Bloc project. We will look at examples like this, where collective action and leadership from across the community are being supported, as Vancouver strives for its 2020 Greenest City goals.


Building Sustainable Communities Conference - Fresh Outlook Foundation - Sponsor

Session Category :  Plenary Sessions