November 24, 2017
10:00 am  -  10:30 am

If research shows that using water meters to set user-pay rate structures are such a good idea, why is it still such a challenge to get communities onboard? Some communities embrace water meters with nary a fuss, while others are met with opposition, citing lack of control, calling it a tax grab, or just plain unfair.

Soak up wisdom from our panel of veteran professionals as they discuss the challenges inherent in setting water meter rates, and the opportunities that will help your implementation plan flow more smoothly. Drawing on personal experience, examples from other communities, and leading practices, they will share how to build a more effective, resilient, and proactive team of local government staff and elected officials that will help you put your water meters to work.

Moderator: Jan Enns, Jan Enns Communications

Panelists: Dr. Christopher Ragan, McGill University / Canada’s Ecofiscal Commission; Doug Allin, District of Spallumcheen

Session Category :  Plenary Sessions