WATER STEWARDSHIP FORUM 1: Fighting Invasive Species With the ‘Don’t Move a Mussel’ Campaign

November 22, 2017
11:10 am  -  11:20 am

B.C.’s freshwater, economy, and way of life is under threat from invasive zebra and quagga mussels. Until last fall, these mussels had been effectively kept out of the Pacific Northwest, but in October, invasive mussel larvae was discovered in three reservoirs in Montana – within an hour’s drive to B.C. Since 2012, the Okanagan Basin Water Board has run the Don’t Move A Mussel public awareness and education campaign.

This presentation will highlight the work of the OBWB’s Don’t Move A Mussel program, and will detail what action has been taken at all levels of government to prevent an infestation from happening here.


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