WATER STEWARDSHIP FORUM 2: Celebrating the Social Life of Water

November 22, 2017
3:45 pm  -  3:55 pm

The Social Life of Water in the Okanagan exhibition is multifaceted and explores the watershed(s) of the Okanagan, and relationships inhabitants have had with their watershed(s) over time. The exhibition was developed collaboratively by a team of Indigenous and non-Indigenous researchers and artists from the educational, heritage, and environmental sectors. The content of the exhibition showcases this diversity of perspectives.

Stories, knowledge, photographs, and other media from Indigenous and non-Indigenous contributors are woven together throughout the display. The exhibition was designed so as to appeal to visitors’ intellectual, emotional, and aesthetic sensibilities, inviting them to explore their sense of connection and responsibility to place.

In this presentation, Christine Mettler, the exhibition’s project coordinator, will discuss the process of creating the exhibition, share some insights about the process and outcomes of the exhibition, and talk about “what’s next” for the display.

Session Category :  Forums