WATER STEWARDSHIP FORUM 1: Interweaving Science & Spirit Through the Blue Ecology Model

November 22, 2017
10:50 am  -  11:00 am

Cultural knowledge cycles, accumulates, and shape-shifts through generations, just as water, the transitory element, cycles through the oceans, lands, and sky. Climate change will be re-examined through the Blue Ecology lens, a new water-first ecological philosophy. We need to acknowledge water’s central functional and spiritual roles in our world, by interweaving strong threads of western science and Indigenous knowledge.

Michael Blackstock will encourage us to embrace the notion that water is a living entity, with spirit. Once we rise to this humble challenge, our personal and corporate attitudes will switch – it costs us nothing to switch our attitude. This switch to a new found respect for water, means employing a water-first approach to assessing environmental and climate impacts from proposed urban and resource development.

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