Fresh Outlook Foundation Breakfast of Champions
What Is a Breakfast of Champions?

A Breakfast of Champions (BoC) gathers people from government, business, NGOs, and academia to explore emerging trends in sustainable business and to celebrate local social, cultural, environmental, and economic successes. Each event has a specific theme and is hosted by a related business.

Past events have included topics such as energy efficiency, green building technologies, social enterprise, business collaboration, and innovation in manufacturing. Venues have included a nightclub, a hotel, a manufacturing facility, and a car dealership.

BoCs typically draw between 50 and 75 speakers, facilitators, panelists, sponsors, and delegates from throughout the Okanagan, and feature either a sit-down or stand-up breakfast, depending on the venue. The event has been highly successful at educating participants about the topic at hand and showcasing local sustainability success stories.

A panel discussion follows the keynote speaker and, to gain diverse perspectives, features collaborators from government, business, academia, and the nonprofit sector. Panel members share interpretations of the subject material as it applies to their sectors.

Measurable BoC Outcomes

Post event survey results showed that respondents particularly liked the networking opportunities, the variety of interesting and relevant topics, and the calibre and diversity of speakers, sponsors, and attendees. More importantly,

  • 55% of respondents said their commitment to personal innovation has increased because of their BoC experience
  • 78% said their commitment to organizational innovation has increased
  • 65% said their commitment to industry innovation has increased
Fresh Outlook Foundation Breakfast of Champions
Fresh Outlook Foundation Breakfast of Champions
Fresh Outlook Foundation Breakfast of Champions