A Compelling Substance Use Recovery Story: Harnessing Multiple Models & Sectors

What are your first thoughts when you hear overdose crisis? Usually when we hear words like “addict” and “overdose death” our mind goes to the drug users who struggle with homelessness, poverty and mental illness. But the overdose crisis is affecting users from all walks of life, all incomes, all neighborhoods, all ages. Safe supply is one option to consider and Guy will educate on the benefits of a safe supply program, the importance of harm reduction, and why recovery isn’t just about abstinence; it’s about changing the risks associating with using drugs as a first step into recovery.

Guy Felicella spent years in the grips of addiction and now dedicates his career and personal passion to advocating for harm reduction, and removing the stigma against addiction and substance users. Guy is pushing barriers to address the current overdose crisis, and the truth behind the toxic drug supply.

(refreshments provided throughout)

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