From Stereotypes to Superheroes: Harnessing Your Mental Health Superpowers for Resilience

Living with a mental health or neurodiversity diagnosis means living with stereotypes and stigma associated with diagnostic labels. It’s difficult enough to live with our conditions without these external burdens placing more weight upon us, where we are defined by how we are deficient from the neurological norm. What if there was a way to reframe and shatter those stereotypes, finding assets that empower us instead? Lived experience, a lifelong love of comic-book superheroes, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, and peer support came together to give me the tools and perspective to see my neurodiversity as Superpowers that I can manage and harness for better mental health and success. I will share how this assets-based perspective empowers us in our recovery, educates those around us, and helps end stigma by providing a framework of hope and compassion utilizing existing clinical and therapeutic tools.

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