Mental Health 101 & Reach Out Psychosis Tour Band

Interior Health and Indigenous mental health professionals will build awareness about mental health by first defining mental health and mental illness, sharing mental health statistics, explaining the “social determinants” of mental health, and outlining the UN Sustainability Development Goals pertaining to mental health. They will then dig down into more details about primary types of disorders and mental health challenges (e.g., neuro-developmental, mood, and psychotic disorders, PTSD, brain injuries, and phobias), outcomes of mental health challenges (e.g., addiction, homelessness, poverty, unemployment, and suicide), and types of treatment professionals and modalities.

This session will be followed by a concert hosting BC’s own Reach Out Psychosis Tour Band. By performing a sensory-rich, interactive show full of original music, slam poetry, personal stories, and brain science, the band breaks down barriers and provides life-saving information for those who may be experiencing psychosis, or know someone who is.

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