HEADS UP! Community Mental Health Summit – Volunteers

Heads Up! Mental Health Summit - Fresh Outlook Foundation

The Fresh Outlook Foundation ⎯ highly acclaimed for its innovative community sustainability events ⎯ is proud to host the inaugural HEADS UP! Community Mental Health Summit along with various warm-up events. Successful event outcomes depend on far-reaching support from volunteers passionate about event planning, promotion, and fundraising!

Help us advance the conversation about mental health challenges, opportunities, and successes at the individual, family, workplace, and community scales!


VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES: Something for everyone!

WE NEED YOUR HELP! The HEADS UP! Community Mental Health Summit provides an opportunity for you to help advance the rapidly evolving conversation about mental health in meaningful and productive ways.

Bring your expertise, experience, and passions to the table as we enable and encourage delegates to help build healthier communities. We’re looking for volunteers to be the public face of the event and to contribute to the following:



  • Program Development & Implementation
  • Speaker & Supplier
  • Liaison
  • Logistics
  • Ticket Sales


  • Videos
  • Media
  • Social Media
  • Presentations


  • Sponsorship Sales
  • Grant writing
  • Donations



FOF will work with you to develop a volunteer role and responsibilities that best meet your specific wants and needs.



  • Participate in event planning meetings, as needed
  • Share information about the summit and warm-up events with family, friends, colleagues, and networks, as appropriate
  • Support other volunteers, as needed


  • Connect with people from all ages, cultures, and sectors interested in mental health issues
  • Be acknowledged on social media and in event programs and PPTs
  • Receive free event registration, as appropriate for the time committed
  • Learn new skills with a highly innovative and collaborative team
  • Make new friends!


Download the full Volunteer Packet here.