Hello I Want to Die Please Fix Me

Hello I Want to Die Please Fix Me

Anna Mehler PapernyLaurel Packing House

After a suicide attempt in her early twenties, Anna resolved to put her reporter's skills to use to get to know her “enemy,” setting off on a journey to document her major depressive disorder, the dizzying array of medical treatments on offer, and a medical profession also in search of answers. To that end, she interviewed fellow depression sufferers, leading medical experts across Canada and the U.S. (from family practitioners to psychiatrists to neurologists to brain-mapping pioneers), and others dabbling in strange hypotheses.

The resulting book, Hello I Want to Die Please Fix Me, charts the way depression wrecks so many lives. It also maps competing schools of therapy, pharmacology, cutting-edge medicine, the pill-popping pitfalls of long-term treatment, the glaring unknowns, and the institutional shortcomings faced by both patients and practitioners.

Both funny and serious as she shares her equally heartwarming and heart wrenching story, Anna will track her quest for knowledge and the myriad ways we treat (and fail to treat) the disease that accounts for more years swallowed up by disability than any other in the world.

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