HEADS UP! Community Mental Health Summit and Podcast – Sponsor Information

Heads Up! Community Mental Health Summit - Fresh Outlook Foundation

Imagine a virtual Summit where people with diverse insights, ideas, passions, and influences gather to explore a wide range of post-COVID mental health challenges, successes, and opportunities.

With a special focus on collaboration to best meet the mental health needs of families, workplaces, and communities, the inaugural Summit is planned for November 25-26, 2020.

Heads Up! Community Mental Health Podcast - Fresh Outlook Foundation

Join us as we combine science with storytelling to explore a variety of community mental health issues with people from all walks of life.

FOF founder Joanne de Vries will help build your mental health literacy as she shares the compelling stories behind the statistics.



At all support levels, the Summit/Podcast planning team will work with you to develop a sponsorship package that best meets your unique needs. Funds can be earmarked for general expenses, a specific Summit session and/or a Podcast episode. This is a win-win-win option for community participants, your organization, and FOF.


Help us advance the conversation about mental health challenges, successes, and opportunities at the individual, family, workplace, and community scales.



Joanne de Vries

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