Heads Up! Community Mental Health Podcast

RESILIENCE: Choosing How to Feel, Think & Behave

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Heads Up! Community Mental Health Podcast
Heads Up! Community Mental Health Podcast
RESILIENCE: Choosing How to Feel, Think & Behave

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Resilience is one of the most misunderstood concepts in mental health today. Simply, it is the outcome of optimizing life experience by being mindful about what you can control, can’t control, and have little control over. Join industrial psychologist and human capital specialist Peter Comrie as he explains the differences and how you can adapt and, therefore, become more resilient in any situation. He also shares how you are not a slave to your emotions, thoughts, and actions. Instead, you can learn from your challenges, even celebrate them, as you choose to feel, think, and behave in more authentic and resilient ways every day.



This vodcast will help you understand:

  • First-hand experience of grief turned to celebration
  • Theories and levels of control
  • Links between mindfulness, choice, adaptation, and resilience
  • Links between personal truth, personal responsibility, and resilience
  • Resistance to change as a barrier to resilience
  • Resilience at individual, family, workplace, and community scales



Fresh Outlook Foundation

Heads Up Mental Health Summit Sponsor

Heads Up Mental Health Summit Sponsor

Heads Up Mental Health Summit Sponsor



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Mental Health & Resilience During COVID-19

In Brief: Resilience Series (Youth)



Peter Comrie

Heads Up! Community Mental Health PodcastPeter Comrie is a scholar, entrepreneur, lecturer, philanthropist, and student of human dynamics who dives headlong into everything he believes in. The resulting social, corporate, and community work reflects his signature brand of excellence, passion, and enthusiasm.

Peter is currently the Executive V.P. and Human Capital Specialist at Full Spectrum Leadership Inc. He is committed to the philosophy of lifelong learning as a foundational mainstay and is an unwavering believer in human potential. From this position he coaches individuals, executives, and companies safely down the development pathway to where sustainable “shift happens.”

Broadly schooled in studies such as psychology, physics, legend, and mythology, Peter has turned his scholarly interests toward such diverse studies as the development of sustainable personal growth, resilience development, motivational attitude, and medieval history.

Email: peter@fullspectrumleadership.com

Website: https://www.fullspectrumleadership.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/petercomrie

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/full-spectrum-leadership/



Jo de Vries is a community education and engagement specialist with 30 years of experience helping local governments in British Columbia connect with their citizens about important sustainability issues. In 2006, she established the Fresh Outlook Foundation (FOF) to “inspire community conversations for sustainable change.” FOF’s highly acclaimed events include Building SustainABLE Communities conferences, Reel Change SustainAbility Film Fest, Eco-Blast Kids’ Camps, CommUnity Innovation Lab, Breakfast of Champions, and Women 4 SustainAbility. FOF’s newest ventures are the HEADS UP! Community Mental Health Summit and HEADS UP! Community Mental Health Podcast.

Website: Fresh Outlook Foundation

Phone: 250-300-8797



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